STREET FOOD – Lake Ballinger WA

STREET FOOD – Lake Ballinger WA

As much as I love to travel, I have a thing for street food and street shopping. This summer my family decided to go to Lynnwood, WA. It has been a month since our return but it’s always a good time to share a few things about food.

On a bright sunny day when the weather was surprisingly compromising we decided to shop. After paying a lot of visits to the mall we decided to check out the Burlington Coat Factory. Clothes and shoes were on a sale and we shopped as much as we could. Four hours later and hungrier than ever we spotted this mini van selling food with a lot of customers to serve. At first, we thought twice before we approached but we eventually gave in.

The place was beautifully set up with chairs and tables with garden umbrellas. We took a look at the menu and ordered tacos ($7), Mexican fried rice($1.50) and burritos($5). To top it off we each ordered coke for ourselves. The quality of the food may not satisfy all but the warm welcome definitely compensates it. We had a great time as it was in an open area and we felt good about coming here.  Do check this place out if you live nearby and if you’re on a budget. All prices mentioned above are approximate.

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