There are only two moods:

1. To crave for food when there’s none.

2. To take it for granted when there’s plenty.


It was one of those evenings where Ma and I were quite full but wanted a quick snack. I got my phone out to order a pizza but that would take at least 50 mins to reach us. Something light yet filling is what we were opting for. Just then something caught my eye.

The Philsbury cake mix!

I immediately got the vessels, started mixing the ingredients and oops… we’re out of milk! What do I do? Get milk from the store or throw the mix away? It was impossible to do both as we grew hungrier than ever. How can I complete the recipe without the most important ingredient? I started thinking of all the other alternatives. Water! Yes I could use water as an alternative. Why not? They are both liquids and edible. If my friend were here she would’ve killed me for even thinking of such a thing.

I then made the mixture and kept it into the microwave. I set the time for 3 minutes and waited patiently. Believe it or not I expected it to turn out bad but unexpectedly it was better than any other cake recipes. I topped it with some strawberry jam and added some sprinkles to it. It passed the look test.

Now for the taste test, I was kind of anxious. I put it into my mouth and the for the next 10 minutes I was stuffing myself with the so called cupcakes I made. 🙂

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