You Can’t STOP The Future 

You Can’t REWIND The Past 

The Only Way To Learn The Secret Is to Press PLAY.


                                                        As scary as that sounds I secretly wanted to buy the book. I mean why not? It’s not that often my dad would let me buy a book  online. I saw this on amazon and knew I had to read it. I then waited patiently until it arrived.

Do you have that feeling of not knowing what to do with your life after you complete a book or a series? That was me a week later. Let me tell you why.

The book starts in the present tense giving us a suspense of what’s happening. In the second chapter Clay (the protagonist) finds a package on his doorstep. As he unwraps it he finds cassette tapes from his late crush/first love. Now, that’s scary.

The story is based on late Hannah Baker who reveals 13 reasons for her death. The package has 7 cassettes with two sides and each side unravels the person behind her death.

One thing that kept the book going was Clay’s love for Hannah. He’d often describe his regrets for letting her go and for giving up on her. I mean how many Clays actually exist?

To all those who are planning on giving up on life, JUST DON’T. Maybe read this and rethink. You never know what could change you.

The book immensely moved me when I read the final chapter. The part where Clay finds Skye… I’m not telling anymore just read it for yourself. 😉

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